How to earn money from Admob?

AdMob is a mobile advertising platform that allows you to earn money by displaying ads in your mobile apps. Here are the steps to earn money from AdMob:

Create an AdMob account: To get started, you need to create an AdMob account. Go to the AdMob website and sign up using your Google account.

Create an app: To display ads, you need to have an app. You can create your own app or use an existing one.

Integrate AdMob SDK: Once you have an app, you need to integrate the AdMob SDK into your app. This will enable AdMob to display ads in your app.

Create ad units: After integrating the SDK, you need to create ad units. Ad units are the places in your app where ads will be displayed.

Place ad units in your app: Once you have created ad units, you need to place them in your app. You can choose the size and type of ads you want to display.

Start earning: AdMob will start showing ads in your app, and you will start earning money for each ad click or impression.

It’s important to note that the amount of money you earn from AdMob depends on various factors, including the number of users, the type of ads displayed, and the geographical location of your users.